Witch Spell
Witch Spell
Witch Spell

Witch Spell

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Hi love,
These nails are 100% hand-painted!
Each order will include:
  • a set of 10 press-on nails
  • an instruction note
  • a nail buffer
  • an orange stick
  • a nail file
  • a nail glue
  • an alcohol wipe

If you pick a CUSTOM size, please leave a "note to seller".

Size & shape info, click here 
If you are, at any chance, doubting what your sizing measurement is, please purchase a sizing kit. Also, different shapes can cause slightly different fits, so sizing kits are highly recommended to avoid unnecessary disappointment because of wrong sizing.


All sales are final, so please make sure you have the right nail sizes. I am not responsible for any wrong measurements given. 
Please protect your nails with gloves, etc. if you intend to work with strong chemicals. 

Questions or requests?
Email me: hiiamcassie@gmail.com
Thank you so much for taking your time to read this!